Where Polymers meet Coatings

“Where Polymers meet Coatings” will focus on common interests from both the paint industry and polymer research teams both from industry and academia. Lectures dealing with in line analytics of formulations, high throughput technology for formulations and dispersions and new waterborne urethane acrylic technology for automotive basecoats are already confirmed. In total five lectures will be planned, followed by a small networking event. The program details will follow soon.



  • Online monitoring of polymer nanoparticle growth as valuable tool in the development of paint and dispersions
  • New waterborne urethane acrylic technology for automotive basecoat
  • High-throughput formulation screening of inks and coating solutions
  • Novel renewable polyester-imide based alkyd resins for coating applications
  • additional lecture to be confirmed


  • Dr. Antje Lieske (Frauenhofer Institute, Potsdam), Dr. Roland Haas (PDW Analytics, Potsdam)
  • Dr. Silfredo Javier Bohorquez (Allnex)
  • Dr. Lionel Petton (Agfa)
  • Dr. Aad Landsbergen (DSM)
  • Prof. Dr. Iris De Grave (to be confirmed)